Tasting note of Cachirulo

The online guide of wine tasting is a fortnightly update guide which publishes all Spanish wines tasted by the organization.

Among their tastings, they were able to taste our Cachirulo wines, obtainin gave a "Very good" rating.

Cachirulo Tempranillo-Cabernet 2018
Cachirulo Syrah-Merlot 2018
Cachirulo Garnacha-Syrah 2018
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Entrepreneur of the year Award

In 1998, María Luisa Torcal Borniquel was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the year award, to the effort in the expansion and innovation in her winery, as well as the introduction of mechanization in the harvest and the application of new technologies hitherto unprecedented in the sector. The quality and innovation applied were the characteristic features of the winery.

Our first harvester

In 1993, Hermanos Torcal S.L. buys the first mechanized harvester in Aragón, the year in which the mechanization of the harvest begins to impose a profound change in the way of understanding the Vityculture and Enology.

From the oenological point of view, there are also other aspects that should be kept in mind with the introduction of mechanical harvest. The speed of the work made it possible to harvest the grapes in an optimal state of ripeness and to optimize the work of the winery. When harvested by hand, it was common to see long queues of trailers waiting for unloading at the end of the day and yet, with the mechanical harvest, the supply of grapes to the winery was much more constant, uniform and without so many burdens.

Casa de vinos Torcal dedicates all its effort to produce high quality wine from its own vineyards.

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