We are an Aragonese winemaker family devoted to wine since 1845.

Our wines, Cachirulo and Marqués de Fuendetodos, the wines of the Torcal family, our vineyards from our lands, Cariñena. We are a family with passionate about wine and our bottled wine shows expertisee, tradition and quality.

Casa de vinos Torcal dedicates all its effort to produce high quality wine from its own vineyards.

Vinos Torcal
Cachirulo and Marqués de Fuendetodos
Elaborated with passion following traditional methods.

Our wines are made from vineyards located at 650 metres above sea level.

The selected grapes are harvested at once and fermented in concrete air tanks, as tradition dictates to obtain a variety of organoleptic traits.

Cachirulo Wines:
- Garnacha / Syrah
- Tempranillo / Cabernet
- Syrah / Merlot

Marqués de Fuendetodos Wines:
- Tempranillo
- Chardonnay / Macabeo

Cachirulo Vinos Torcal Marqués de Fuendetodos Vinos Torcal


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